Hair Extensions

Mono fibre hair extensions

B.T.F. was the first salon to introduce hair extensions to Warrington in the late eighties.

Dorothy was trained in London personally by Simon Forbes - the inventor of hair extensions and the C2 heating tool - copies of which are now in the British science museum's section for original inventions.

This system does not damage the client's own hair in any way. No glue, stitching, tight plaiting, or tension of any kind is used and no heavy weft. The fibre is mixed in the salon to a perfect colour match to the client's own hair and the extensions are applied in fine strands. We are able to control the thickness of each individual extension and its placement producing a natural looking head of longer, thicker hair.

Highlights can be added at no extra cost and even a few extensions can make a dramatic difference to your hair's appearance. They are easily removed without damage to your own hair. Again, we have portfolios available of the work we have done in the salon.

Monofibre Hair Extensions, the brand and market leader are worn by style icons and celebs such as Cheryl Cole and Elle Macpherson. They were invented by Simon Forbes who is credited with inventing the hair extension market almost 30 years ago.

They are the only hair extensions which are tried tested and proven by both hairstylists and clients. Monofibre Hair Extensions, not to be confused with synthetic, cheap looking fibres, give high quality natural hairstyles. These are the safest hair extensions to wear as they cause no damage to your own natural hair or scalp.

Prolin Hair Enhancers are the latest development by Dome. This is the modern way to give chemical free highlights. A totally brand new concept of hair colour. The striking, imaginative and creative colours give clients a totally new dimension in choosing highlights and lowlights. There is no damage to the natural hair, no root regrowth and most importantly these hair colours never fade.